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CHEFS Catalog 
CHEFS Catalog Blog Feature
October 2014

Product reviews by Whom You Know
Pure Ground Vanilla
Gourmet Grade A1 Vanilla Beans
Pure Vanilla Extract
Vanilla Sugar
September 2014

Good Eggs
Producer Profile
September 2014

Producer Profile
Product Video
August 2014

Fancy Food & Culinary Products Magazine
Cover Profile
June/July 2014 Issue

Great Ciao 
Company Profile in Great Ciao Newsletter
May 2014

Gourmet Business
Fine Foods Quarterly
April 2014

Specialty Food Association
Specialty Food Magazine
April 2014

The Guardian UK
Future of natural vanilla farming
March 2014

NYC, Style and a little Cannoli
Product Review 
March 2014

Bohemian – Local Goodness
Trends from the 2014 Winter Fancy Foods Show
January 2014

Kitchen Gadget Girl
Best of Winter Fancy Food Show
January 2014

The Agroecologist
Press Release
January 2014

Cool Hunting
Fancy Food Show Roundup
January, 2014

Food Guru
Pinterest Love from Fancy Food Show
January, 2014

Beyond Good Intentions (Video)
Peace Corps Madagascar – The Origins of LAFAZA
Republished on Vimeo – August, 2012