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  • Crafted using a 2-week, cold-extraction process
  • Made using the finest Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans
  • From beans grown under organic conditions
  • Non-GMO, All-Natural 


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Product Description

This Single-Fold Pure Vanilla Extract contains our signature blend of all-natural Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. Our extracts are made using a slow, cold-extraction process, that brings out the deep flavor notes and rich aroma of our forest-grown vanilla.

LAFAZA’s Single-Fold Vanilla Extract has a full-bodied, creamy and rich flavor. It’s unique flavor signature results from using some of the highest quality vanilla beans grown each year in Madagascar. It’s a perfect addition to both sweet and savory dishes alike.


Additional Information

For most recipes, 1 tablespoon of LAFAZA’s Pure Vanilla Extract is equivalent to 1 whole Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean or 1/2 tablespoon of Pure Ground Vanilla.

Visit our recipe page for great ideas on how to use vanilla extract, whole beans, or pure ground vanilla in your next recipe!