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  • Two Grade A-1 Premium Vanilla Beans
  • Grown under Organic Conditions
  • Gluten Free, All-Natural, Sun-Cured
  • Environmentally Sustainable, Ethically-traded

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Product Description

LAFAZA  A-1 Grade Premium Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans represent the finest vanilla produced by farmers each year—the cream of the crop. These 2 whole vanilla beans are fragrant and full of seeds, with deep black coloration and moist, flexible pods.

A-1 Grade Premium Madagascar vanilla beans make a wonderful and fresh addition to baking recipes, desserts, savory dishes, and specialty beverages.

For most recipes, a single A-1 premium Madagascar vanilla bean is equivalent to 2 tablespoons of Pure Vanilla Extract, or 1 tablespoon of Pure Ground Vanilla.

Visit our recipe page for ideas on how to use whole vanilla beans, pure ground vanilla, or vanilla extract in your next recipe!

Complex Flavor, Simple Values. Taste the difference of LAFAZA!

Additional Information

LAFAZA vanilla beans are grown by farmers who take great pride in producing some of the world’s finest vanilla using organic and environmentally sustainable methods. We bring you the highest quality, gourmet vanilla directly from farmers who use traditional, forest-friendly growing systems.

Length: 6-8 inches (15-19 cm)
Moisture Content:  30-35%
Dietary: Gluten Free, Non-GMO