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At LAFAZA, we think of the spice trade in Madagascar a little differently. We partner directly with small farmers via their cooperatives to produce and export some of the country’s highest-quality natural vanilla. This direct-trade model allows us to pay farmers a premium price for exceptional vanilla beans, and still provide competitive prices for our customers.

The farmers who grow LAFAZA vanilla use sustainable farming practices that help protect the unique rainforest biodiversity in and around the Mananara-Nord region, on the north-east coast of Madagascar. Rather than growing vanilla in large, mono-cropped plantations, LAFAZA vanilla comes from independent, small-holder farmers whose dense agroforestry systems act much more like a healthy forest, and less like an industrial farm. This approach yields vanilla products with a deep complex flavor. It also has a real and positive impact on both the forests and the farming communities that depend on them.

We are proud to pay our farmers a premium price, invest in their cooperatives, and help build libraries and community centers in the rural forest communities where LAFAZA vanilla is grown. We believe that sustainable economic grown in these communities requires a long-term commitment from companies like LAFAZA, who offer direct market access to consumers of gourmet ingredients around the world.

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